Anatomy of the Gremlin Print

Behold! Another new addition to the my ongoing series of anatomical guides to American monsters! Much like the guide to the Mogwai, this print was created to help you care for your Gremlin. I’m not sure if it’s possible to domesticate a Gremlin, but if you were going to try, this heavily researched manual would be a good place to […]

Anatomy of the Mogwai Print

Behold! The newest addition to the my ongoing series of anatomical guides to American monsters! I think the Mogwai might be my favorite of the anatomy collection so far. This print is a guide to the care and treatment of your pet Mogwai, complete with explanations of his inner workings in terrible Mandarin, and the three rules that you MUST […]

BONUS PRINT REVEALED! or The Anatomy Of The Xenomorph And Predator Print Set!

I’ve been keeping this bonus print a secret since January, so now I’m letting the cat out of the bag!

An Anatomical Guide To The Predator Print

Nothing says “single and loving it” quite like a gross drawing of the Predator on your wall.


Behold the mighty KONG! Bring this big monkey home for a small price today!

Victory Print set!

Behold, the gory beauty that is victory! I created these 4 prints for HeroesCon back in June and finally got around to adding them to the store. They are available individually (He-Man, Mario, Venkman, and Wolverine) or as a set. * Signed and numbered edition of 75 * 8×8″ * Printed on thick Fluid brand Cold Press Acid Free 140lb./300gsm […]

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Frankenstein LIghter!

My god, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted! I’ve been stupid busy with all sorts of neat stuff that should be coming your way in the next couple of months. What did you say? You don’t believe me? Okay, fine. Don’t! Go ahead and skip past all these cool teaser images… Phew! So much stuff, right? Anyway… A […]

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An Anatomical Guide To The Predator

You know how when you’re inking a drawing and your mind creates an unbreakable focus beam that practically burns through the paper with super laser heat? Yeah, me neither. When I’m inking a drawing my mind wanders more than a Trey Anastaio guitar solo (LOL!) And more often than not I daydream about projects that I will probably never have […]

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Alphabeasts: F is for Fell beast

Well, well, well… Look who is catching up on their Alphabeasts. I drew this Fell Beast last night after I got done packing up the remaining orders I got over the holidays. If you are still waiting for a package from the “Holiday Freeze” It’s on it’s way! Here’s some Fell Beast info from the LOTR Wiki: “The term Fell […]

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Alphabeasts: E is for Ewok!

Here are some ass kickin’ Ewoks for this weeks Alphabeasts entry. I was down to the line on this one. I didn’t even finish the shading on the trooper or his gun. Maybe I’ll get it cleaned up during lunch. Get that trooper all gritty! -B

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Alphabeasts: D is for Dzee-dzee-bon-da!

Dzee-dzee-bon-da – a monster so ugly that even he is terrified of his own appearance. I swear I didn’t make this up.

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I’m a little late posting this: This was the finale of this year’s Halloweirdos illustration explosion. I finished it up about 3 hours before I got on a plane to Atlanta, so it was a little rushed. I wish I had a little more time to play with the animation. Big ups to JChris Campbell for going to an insane […]

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Alphabeasts: C is for Cynocephaly and Cwn Annwn!

Do two shitty drawings equal one good one? I sure hope so! The condition of cynocephaly, having the head of a dog — or of a jackal— is a widely attested mythical phenomenon existing in many different forms and contexts. Cynocephaly was familiar to the Ancient Greeks from representations of the Egyptian gods Hapi (the son of Horus) and Anubis […]

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Alphabeasts: B is for Balaur!

This is my B entry for the Alphabeasts project. What’s a Balaur you ask? A balaur is a creature in Romanian folklore, similar to a European dragon. A bălaur is quite large, has fins, feet, and is polycephalous (it usually has three, sometimes seven, or even twelve serpent heads). Wow! I just copied and pasted that from Wikipedia! Wow!

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