Anatomy of the Gremlin Print

Behold! Another new addition to the my ongoing series of anatomical guides to American monsters! Much like the guide to the Mogwai, this print was created to help you care for your Gremlin. I’m not sure if it’s possible to domesticate a Gremlin, but if you were going to try, this heavily researched manual would be a good place to […]

Anatomy of the Mogwai Print

Behold! The newest addition to the my ongoing series of anatomical guides to American monsters! I think the Mogwai might be my favorite of the anatomy collection so far. This print is a guide to the care and treatment of your pet Mogwai, complete with explanations of his inner workings in terrible Mandarin, and the three rules that you MUST […]

BONUS PRINT REVEALED! or The Anatomy Of The Xenomorph And Predator Print Set!

I’ve been keeping this bonus print a secret since January, so now I’m letting the cat out of the bag!

An Anatomical Guide To The Predator Print

Nothing says “single and loving it” quite like a gross drawing of the Predator on your wall.


Behold the mighty KONG! Bring this big monkey home for a small price today!

The Glorps will Getcha comic!

Hey Glorpophiles! Someone recently sent me a copy of Tim’s Fightin’ Air Force from April 1965 with a reprint of the “Glorps Will Getcha” story inside! This story was originally printed in an almost impossible to find issue of  “Front Line Fists” from 1954, so I feel incredibly lucky to have gotten my filthy mitts on ANY copy of this […]

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The Big Race

            I drew this one night when I couldn’t sleep. I started out taking random panels from two  terrible Disney comics I had lying around, but the story quickly took off on its own. -B  

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Did I mention that I come from the weird Al Yankovic School of comedy? Well I do. I find food to be just about the funniest thing in the world, and I have a ton of comics to prove it. I originally drew this up for the Wide Awake EATS anthology back in 2007, but quickly stopped working on it […]

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Lumber Jack Comic!

 This is my story from the 2009 FLUKE anthology that I edited along with J Chris Campbell. I did 3 of these stories but they didn’t work lay out the way i wanted them to so I only printed this one. I don’t think it’s all that great on it’s own. Maybe I’ll ink up the last two and throw […]

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Michael Jackson Comic

 I know just about everyone and their mother has done some kind of tribute to Michael Jackson at this point. But Wide Awake Press decided to put together a little book of sketches and comics from some cool cartoonists Like Josh Latta, Sarah Louise Wahrhaftig, Jim Mahfood, Rob Ullman and J Chris Campbell. It’s called Off The Wall and I […]

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Lost Dog Comics

I love ugly comics! Thanks for reading! -B

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Breakfast Patrol!

I’ve fallen a bit behind on my weekly comics posts, so if you count each page of this as a weeks worth of comics, then I’m pretty much caught up! Good for me! -Brad

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Old Timey Prison Laffs

Oh man! I love it when the genie looks at the camera! nothing says “it’s time to laugh” like looking at the camera! Thanks for reading! -B

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My Dinner With Matt LeBlanc

Matt LeBlanc was born on 25 July 1967 in Newton, MA, a suburb of Boston. His mother, Patt Grossman, is Italian, and his father, Paul LeBlanc, is of Irish, English and French ancestry. Matt LeBlanc graduated from Newton North High School in 1985. Young LeBlanc was a motorcycle enthusiast, and considered pursuing a career in motorcycle racing. After high school […]

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The New Adventures Of The Lord Of The Rings II

This one sucks. Not only is the “Million little pieces” refrence dated as hell, but the panels are all cramped and shitty. What can I say? This comic has just sat in the folder with the other completed comics before I even posted the first one. Actually I think this was the first one I colored. I just kept it […]

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