Anatomy of the Gremlin Print

Behold! Another new addition to the my ongoing series of anatomical guides to American monsters! Much like the guide to the Mogwai, this print was created to help you care for your Gremlin. I’m not sure if it’s possible to domesticate a Gremlin, but if you were going to try, this heavily researched manual would be a good place to […]

Anatomy of the Mogwai Print

Behold! The newest addition to the my ongoing series of anatomical guides to American monsters! I think the Mogwai might be my favorite of the anatomy collection so far. This print is a guide to the care and treatment of your pet Mogwai, complete with explanations of his inner workings in terrible Mandarin, and the three rules that you MUST […]

BONUS PRINT REVEALED! or The Anatomy Of The Xenomorph And Predator Print Set!

I’ve been keeping this bonus print a secret since January, so now I’m letting the cat out of the bag!

An Anatomical Guide To The Predator Print

Nothing says “single and loving it” quite like a gross drawing of the Predator on your wall.


Behold the mighty KONG! Bring this big monkey home for a small price today!

Man-Dar Of Suburbia!

Ah, good ol’ 2009. Bea Arthur kicked the bucket, swine flu was deemed a global pandemic, and I was hard at work on a cartoon called Man-Dar Of Suburbia. I started work on Man-Dar in March of 2009, with the plan to produce an entire episode a month with just the help of my assistant. Pretty ambitious, huh? We started […]

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Science Bear Brian

This was a quickie pitch for a video podcast series I came up with. We knocked it out in a week or so. I still think it’s a great idea. Someone should hire me to make these for them.

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Tour De Pipe

The Sports Holes presents live coverage of the nation’s premier crack bike race, Tour De Pipe.

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Astronauts in Space

Another little short.

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Singing Bat-Man!
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Luna Versus You: Lights Out Lovers

Richard Parsons is a musical genius, and his Luna Versus You project proves it. Not only did he play all of the instruments on the album himself (including the ol’ vocal chords), he also recorded and mastered the entire thing as well. No small feat. Here is the video that we thought up over lunch in 2009. Pretty great song […]

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The Howlies: Sea Level

The year was 2008: Barak Obama had just been elected into office, Russia was heading into a financial crisis, and O. J. Simpson was sentenced to 15-33 years in prison for the kidnapping and robbery of two sports memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas casino (thanks Wikipedia). We were nigh on the first days of 2009 when we were approached by […]

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Girl Talk: Here’s the Thing

In honor of the new Girl Talk Album dropping today I thought I would post this long lost music video I made (unofficially) in 2008 for Girl Talk’s album Feed the Animals. It was done partially as a demo for a client and partially out of mad love for the album  (especially this track).  My idea was “trapper keeper on […]

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Lady Doctor Md
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Professor Italian’s Big Trip

Another quick little short messing around with masks in flash. I can’t really tell if this one is funny or not.

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