Batman Year 100

So I’ve been nosing around Flickr a bit lately, due to some pretty choice cartoonists posting their stuff there ( Dustin Harbin for example ) and I stumbled across Paul Pope’s page, and man was I impressed. I’ve kept tabs on his blog for a while now, but his flickr page has even more impressive work than his blog! Check it out!

Boy howdy do I dig people who can draw neat! Wait wasn’t there a point to this post? Oh yeah..

I went out and bought his Batman year 100 the next day, and really enjoyed it. It was the kinda book that makes me sit down and draw pages and pages of embarrassing superheroes in my sketchbook. Which actually doesn’t happen that often, I think the last time that happened was when I got my copy of Rob Venditti’s book the surrogates which prompted me to draw pages and pages of his character Steeplejack.


Paul Pope came up with a really nice design for his Batman, which included A cool split cape, swim trunks, big ass kicking boots, and finally some crazy ass fake teeth.

So yeah, I drew this picture of Batman and used it to practice coloring on my new Wacom (don’t like it yet). The picture turned out fine is guess; I really didn’t spend a lot of time on the coloring or anything. I kinda wished that I didn’t add the fake teeth when I was inking it (they just look sorta jacked up) and I think that orange building I scribbled into the background is caving in like a year old pumpkin, but whatever. Batman just looks cool as shit when he’s beating up a bunch of dudes, regardless of who’s drawing him.

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5 thoughts on “Batman Year 100
  1. Man that is freaking awesome! I actually love the jacked up teeth. It was the first thing I noticed. Of course, I’ve been a huge Paul Pope fan for years. His stuff has so much kinetic energy that it always makes me want to lay down the comic and start drawing before I get a third of the way through it. One thing I re-discovered when I was working on the Bible comic (which I had forgotten in my old age) is that drawing violence is very fun. I mean, yeah, you can delve into the inner pains and joys of mankind and all that what not with a nice litterary Clowes/Ware styled drawing but to just draw someone punching somebody in the freaking face is a lot more fun.

  2. Thanks Shannon! You were actually the one who turned me on to Paul Pope in the first place. I would still like to find a copy of that big ass THB issue that you have. I guess that will be my heroes con mission this year.

    Drawing violence is fun! I remember that panel from your small bible mini where that guy (I forget his name) killed a 1000 philistines with that donkey jaw, that was a good looking drawing. I don’t know what it is about those kinda drawings, but they always make me want to draw my own elaborate fight scene. Maybe we should put together a sketchbook mini of all mini comic guys drawing fight scenes. I’d be into that

  3. I think I actually got that big Pope book at Heroes. There are still a couple of giant THB things I don’t have. Plus there is a new one out or coming out soon. It’s hard to keep up out here in the boonies. The THB stuff is the best. I let non-comic-reading friends borrow the THB stuff and they always love it. I want to do a sci-fi book like that sometime.

    That would be an awesome book to put together. Just the most violent thing ever. Mini Fight! We should do it.

  4. The name Mini Fight says it all! I think It should be a jam comic, where each creator has to draw a picture of the previous page’s character getting beat up. That might add more of a concept to it. Let’s get it going!

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