So I totally dropped the ball in completing the animal alphabet project that finally ended in September. I got too busy after HeroesCon and just couldn't catch back up. I still have a partially inked rhino on my desk waiting to be finished, but I'm not sure why, because I left off with the letter I... Alas! That age has come to an end, and the fine folks that brought you the Animal Alphabet have moved on to a new totally different project. Behold! The age of the Alpha Beasts! A is for Argus Panopte, the one hundred-eyed giant from Greek mythology. I was a little quick and loose with the coloring, but I'm pretty happy with how it came out. Here's the original sketch: And here is the sketch traced off and inked: I'm probably going to put the originals up for sale on Etsy. I'm not sure what to charge. I'm thinking $20 shipping included? Does that sound like too much? Chime in below and tell me off! -B