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This was the very first Halloweirdos drawing I did. I wanted to start the blog off with something BIG, but I decided to use the Mars Attacks drawing instead to set a proper Halloweird tone. My only goal with this piece was to draw a stupid huge version of the classic Kong.

Here is the first go at coloring. I’m not sure why I decided to change it… Looking at it again, I think I actually prefer this scheme. Maybe I’ll finish up this version if I get a sec. Which is highly unlikely.

Man, I gotta stop using my iPhone for these pictures.

Print is 9×12 and printed on Canson watercolor paper
$20.00 FREE shipping!

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6 thoughts on “KONG!
  1. I don’t think Marvel or DC have one guy on their books that could pull off that city perspective business going on in the background. (30 years ago 100% of them had to do something like that in almost every cover.)

  2. When I was a kid, I had the poster of Kong on the World Trade Center from the 70s movie, I had the Superman movie poster and about 100 Star Wars posters. So, the only way to top it would probably be to have Luke Superman fight Darth Kong on the Death Star.

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