104 Inbred Elves!

Today is Christmas, right? I have no idea! Oh man, have I been busy. First off I want to thank everyone for ordering Christmas cards this year. I’ve never experienced so much positive feedback about any of my stuff before. It’s been pretty crazy, and I really can’t thank everyone enough for all of the re-tweets and links that were passed around. You guys are the best.

That said I want to super secret double thank all of the people whose orders may have gotten lost in the mail (Canada, I’m looking at you) or have shown up later than they would have liked. You folks were incredibly nice and patient with me, and I really appreciate it.

Along with the general problem of trying to pack and ship hundreds of orders, I also had some Pay-Pal issues. At one point my account was completely suspended for some reason. I never received an explanation, but it sure didn’t help get the job done. There were also some serious issues with the tracking and shipping sections of the Pay-Pal site, which is why almost nobody got a shipping confirmation from Pay-Pal. Other users had the same problem as well, so hopefully they will have this fixed before the next go-round.

Sorry to drop all this knowledge here, but I wanted to offer some explanation to everyone who experienced a hiccup with their order, and there was no great way to email everyone… Until now! That’s right. I’m throwing an email party every other month. If you bought something in the last year or so, you’re already invited and will get first dibs (and discounts) on all the new stuff coming your way- shirts, cards, new prints, etc. That will also be the ONLY way to receive bonus sketches with your orders. Wait… Bonus sketches? WTF?

Well, if you ordered Christmas cards in the first two weeks or so, you probably got one of these little Inbred Elf watercolors that you see below. So if you like these little drawings and you want one of your very own join the email party (you can sign up on the side bar too) and I’ll send you an email the next time I have some bonkers-ass product that will blow your mind.

But until then, please enjoy 104 INBRED ELVES! (I recommend Playing one of these fine Christmas songs By Ashely Holt while you peruse the hillbilly Hell that is the North Pole!)

I think I ended up drawing about 248 elves in a two week period (around 104 color and 144 BnW.) If I sound like I’m bragging, it’s because I am. It was a crazy and exhausting exercise, but a lot of fun too.



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5 thoughts on “104 Inbred Elves!
  1. Aww man… sorry to hear that Roy. Has the post office always been so destructive? I’ve gotten a few emails about destroyed swag this year. I probably need to look into an alternative to the USPS.

  2. Brad: The trouble is that we have a preposterously small mail slot and a postman who sees this as a challenge. The elf was larger than the stack of postcards and so ended wrapped around them at the edge where it got snagged. The cards were pristine.

  3. I love my inbred elf. He is in a frame side by side with the Christmas postcard. I got a lot of complements on the postcards I sent out. Friends who just got a regular card contacted me to ask if they could have a Christmas Devil card instead. Keep up the good work. Remember, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.
    And it is not to early to start thinking about next Christmas.

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