HYPE: Bird Doggin!

What’s up guys and girlies? I thought I’d go ahead and throw some images up from my newest book Bird Doggin’ It’s a collection of drawings of girls. Some are nude, some are fully clothed. The book is kind of all over the place as far as styles go. Some are realistic drawings done from old playboys, some are figure drawings done from models, and some are just made up. Its 24 pages of black and white drawings with a 8 page color section in the middle. So if you like naked ladies you might want to check it out!

 Here are a few of the highlights:












 Oh and here is the cover in case you didn’t see it in the post below.




  If anyone is interested in buying one I’m selling ‘em for 4 bucks plus shipping. You can drop me a line at: bradmcginty(at) and I’ll tell you how to pay me. I know that must seem like a hassle, but pay pal buttons don’t work in my wordpress powered blog unless you have a plug in (which I do not). But if you order one from me I’ll be sure to throw in a free sketch just to show my gratitude!


  I’ll promise to find a more permanent solution to this soon enough kids, as I plan on (finally) putting all the books I have in print up on the site for purchase.


Thanks for stoppin’ by!





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