THIS JUST IN: Heroes con 2008 a good time!

Yep, You heard it here last, Heroes con 2008 happened! And to document this event, the awesome guys over at the Indie Spinner Rack have released a “party line” style group interview with Josh Latta, Duane Balenger, J Chris Campbell, and myself. It’s full of all sorts of comic con nonsense. It came out much better than the “too drunk for the Internet” podcast I did (but later had removed) at Fluke for the guys over at the Dollar Bin.

Click here to hear it.


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3 thoughts on “THIS JUST IN: Heroes con 2008 a good time!
  1. Yeah, I lied about it being better than the one I did for the dollar bin. I should have said that this interview was slightly less likely to get me fired from my job, and much less likely to get me beat to death by the enormous African American Owly fan base.

    So yeah, all that pretty much equals boring.

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