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An Anatomical Guide To The Predator Print

You know how when you’re inking a drawing and your mind creates an unbreakable focus beam that practically burns through the paper with super laser heat? Yeah, me neither. When I’m inking a drawing my mind wanders more than a Trey Anastaio guitar solo (LOL!) And more often than not I daydream about projects that I will probably never have the time or money to complete.

While working on an anatomical guide to the Xenomorph drawing I got the idea of a larger project that involved anatomical breakdowns of popular American monsters. I thought about all the cool monsters there were to do, and what a great book it would make, and how I wish someone else did this already so I could skip all the drawing and just own the book right now.

But alas, it’s up to me to make these things. Here’s the second in the series:

(Sorry about the super lame watermark. I hate those things more than anyone)

UPDATE! If you order this print and An Anatomical Guide To The Xenomorph Print You will get a secret BONUS print. This offer is good for anyone who ordered the Alien print prior to this. Just add a note to the pay pal transaction and I’ll be sure to include it. I’m not going to reveal what the print is for awhile, but it goes perfectly with both of the prints. You should really quit thinking about this and just order it. TRUST ME!

Print is 9×12 (including border)
Printed on Canson acid free water color paper
With Epson Durabrite inks
Limited edition of 50

$25.00 plus FREE shipping! (US and Canada)

International (anything other than US or Canada) orders are no problem. Just email bradmcginty at for a shipping price before you order!

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