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10 thoughts on “True Life Tales Of The Range
  1. “Back at Indian HQ” and the fact that Indians that can’t read can type well enough to use the internet made me LOL IRL. (I learned LOL and IRL from John McCain.)
    “Dang Muffins” makes me think of Patrick Dean for some reason.

    Keep it up yo. You are the wind beneath my wings.

  2. Man I wish Patrick Dean would have drawn this comic. He would have made it a thousand times funnier. He really is the king of the “crazy” comic.

    I have no idea what IRL stands for. I guess I could Google it, but what kind of fun is that?

    All I can think about when I hear John McCain’s voice is that damn Adam Sandler movie “Little Nicky”. he sounds just like him.

  3. John McCain told me it means “In Real Life”. He called me on the internet. He’s cutting edge.

    You should ask Patrick Dean to draw the sequel to that comic then publish them together and win an Eisner. Wait! Screw the Eisner’s. Win a Pulitzer! No, double wait! Screw that! Win the Super Bowl!

  4. I can’t wait to find out why “cowboy” hates those “Indians” so much and with Brad’s racist comic parade ever stop!!!

  5. Jefferson Airplane, Admin! The cowboy doesn’t hate the Indians! The indians hate the cowboy’s yummy muffins.

    This is a timeless tale of the real “old west”. Look it up. There are countless tales of beautiful, pure white settlers having their delicious prepackaged snack foods thrown thanklessly back into their loving faces by the savage plains indians that ruled the night with an “Iron fist”.

    It’s kinda like last of the Mohicans meets the Trix Rabbit commercials. Must everything in this world be filtered through your goggles of hate?

    I wonder if is available?


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