The T-Shirts Have Arrived!

Scope out the shirts, y’all!

They came out really great! Here, take a look at one on my lovely girlfriend:

I really want to thank everyone who pre-ordered a shirt. I sold WAY over my goal, and I really appreciate all the tweets and link sharing. The money I made on the shirts will help me get down to my favorite comic convention of the year, HEROESCON! in scenic Charlotte, NC. I’ll be a guest in the Indie Island section this year, so If you live in or around the Southeast, be sure to swing by. There will be many great guests this year from all walks of comics. It’s one of the few conventions where you can chat up Xamie Hernadez, Mike Mignola, Dave Cooper, and Sergio Aragones, and still have time left over to wait in a three-hour long line to kick Stan Lee in the nuts!

Anyway, I really wanted to show my appreciation to everyone who ordered, so I decided to splurge and get some stickers made as a little thank you gift. Scope ’em out:

I wanted to keep them as a surprise, but I was afraid people might not see them in all the excitement of getting their rad shirt in the mail. So, if you ordered a shirt SHAKE OUT THE BAG! You’ll be super happy you did.

Oh, and here are the sketches I did for the first 25 people to order. I took requests for monster sketches this time, which was pretty fun. Some turned out better than others, since I didn’t have a whole lot of time to get these done. I always do sketches for early orders, so if you want to get a jump on the next shirt, comic, or card that I print be sure to join the email party!

A few of you didn’t reply to your sketch request email, so If you should have gotten a sketch but didn’t have one in your package, check your email!

I do have some extra shirts, so they are still available to purchase online.

Shirts are now $22.00, plus $5.00 for shipping (US, Mexico, and Canada only, please).


Thanks again! And keep an eye out for some BIG comic news from me in the next two weeks!

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5 thoughts on “The T-Shirts Have Arrived!
  1. Thanks dude! You have to get the chestburster popping out of somebody! That’s what I was thinking of when I made them. Send a picture If you get a good one. I’ll post it up!

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