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6 thoughts on “Fish Shit Follies
  1. Actually I had originally drawn it as a gag panel (I think that was the third panel) but it seemed funnier with some sort of setup. I dunno. Gag panels are hard to pull off.

  2. Silly Josh. Haven’t you heard? Webcomics are graphic novels. Achewood was considered a graphic novel by the big brained “best of folks” before it even hit paper. In short, this webcomic is a book and is therefore qualified to be president. Vote Fish Shit!

  3. Nah, I guess you just never had a pet goldfish before. When fish poop they leave this way long string of poo attached to them, kinda like a person would get a long stand of toilet paper stuck to them while in the bathroom. Yeah, It was kind of a weird gag I guess.

    Sergio Aragones I am not.

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