Hey Everybody!

Guess what?! I’m Broke! So in order to save me from starvation, I urge you to visit my newly opened shop! (Just Click the tab “shop” at the top of this page!)

I’ve been working on this thing for a little while now, and I still need to add a few things. But it should be running smoothly. You can use all manners of payment thanks to all that pay pal crap. I know I’ll be adding little buttons and some more comics that are not up there yet later this week. I might also throw some paintings up there, and see what happens. Who knows! All I know is that you should buy stuff from me, and not some other “sketchy” dude.

Oh! And just to pad this post out a bit more, (and to also up my cute animal to busty girl ratio) I’m posting some designs for what will proablbly be my next cartoon. All I can say is that it involves bears. So with out further ado…. BEARS!


This was the first page where i was just messing around with shapes and and styles a bit. Nothing too exciting. While I do like the bottom left one and top right one quite a bit, They probably wouldn’t be too much fun to animate.


More of the same “playing around”. This time I think I got 3 pretty decent designs.


Alright. Here we are 3 bears and a kid dancing around. Mission accomplished! Well not really, I still need to work on them a quite a bit, But the basic stuff is all there.


Here is a slightly tighter version of the bunch. The only one I’m not totally sold on is the big one with pants. I dunno. I’m just not that into him. We’ll see what happens from here.

Thanks for reading!


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3 thoughts on “SHOP!!
  1. I like the dance scene a whole lot.

    Don’t forget the neck ties. How else are you gonna turn their heads with a tie to hide the seam?

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