Behold! The newest addition to the my ongoing series of anatomical guides to American monsters! I think the Mogwai might be my favorite of the anatomy collection so far. This print is a guide to the care and treatment of your pet Mogwai, complete with explanations of his inner workings in terrible Mandarin, and the three rules that you MUST follow to keep your Mogwai manageable. I tried to go over the top with the details on this print. I used fake over printing and ink bleeds on brown craft paper to make these instructions look especially cheap. While I want Mogwai to be a part of a cohesive anatomy collection, I made it and the Gremlin a little bit different so they could stand on their own. I don't want to do the same thing over and over again. I like to imagine that if they were all hanging on a wall together, people would think that you spent years (eons?!) collecting weird artifacts from mysterious shops in Chinatown. Print is 9×12 (including border) Printed on Borden & Riley Rough finish 98 gram "Craft" paper With Epson Durabrite inks Signed and numbered Limited edition of 50 $25 with FREE shipping! Available over at my STORE!