Excuses and Crap

Oh man! I haven’t posted a web comic in forever! And I doubt I’ll be getting around to it anytime soon, as I have been busy doing comics for a couple of different things. What things you ask? These things I answer!

1. 2009 Fluke anthology!  Me and super pal J Chris Campbell are not only doing comics for this beast (over 80 pages folks!) But we are also editing and doing all the productiony stuffs as well. If you wanna get a copy of this giant sized funny book you better get yer self down to scenic Athens Ga on April 7th for FLUKE 2009 cause that’s just about the only way to get a copy!

2.  WAP FCBDB!  J Chris Campbell savagely beat upon my tender face with his crusty meat hooks until I agreed to do a 12 page comic for him. This annual FCBD (free comic book day) Download is always a good time. So much in fact that every year it gets better and better. You can still download last years right here. It will be available… May something.. I don’t remember what day it’s on this year and I’m too lazy to google it. Just start asking strangers for free comics on May first and I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

Anyway, I’ll be doing some (hopefully) cool ass Greek stuff In the style of this poster I just did last week for my good pal and sound guy John Mickelson.


Doing comics in this style is a new challenge for me. I enjoy drawing in this style but anytime i try and do a comic like this it always looks way too stiff and I get embarrassed, but so far it’s going okay, but I may end up eating these words when I chicken out and go with my original “wacky” idea. I dunno, who cares about that anyway?

I’ll try and get some web comics up again soon. I got a bunch laying around I just haven’t had time to scan/correct and color/uglify them.

Man-Dar Should be up tomorrow. We had a little computer mishap that took us out of the equation for a week and some change. Luckily we recovered everything and I am actually exporting the first episode as i type this. So look for Man-Dar sometime tomorrow!


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6 thoughts on “Excuses and Crap
  1. April 7th is a Tuesday. And, that poster you posted looks like a tiny box with a pink triangle, a green dot and a blue dot. I’ve seen that tiny box around the introwebnet a lot over the years. It must be some kind of “meme” thing. I should put it on a t-shirt and google it on my youTube.

  2. Ah crap. This happens every so often with this blog. No matter how many times i upload a certain jpg it never shows up.

    But I think I fixed it now (I used a gif).

  3. Yep it works now and that looks fantastic. One of my favorite Bradtastic posters. You need to havre a print of this available at Fluke so I can take it home and post it in somewhere so that company (or the police) will know how cool I am.

    You could do a lot with that style. I won’t say who it reminds me of but he’s only my favorite sci-fi/action/adventure artist working today. Love those gloves. I think that poster will be my new wallpaper so that my co-workers will all see that I am more awesomer than they are.

  4. Thanks Shannon! Yeah I know who you’re talking about and yeah, I’ve really fallen in love with his stuff (thanks to you) Although I can’t believe how hard it is to find! I mean I thought since it was considered mainstream that it would be easy but the lady at Oxford told me 100% was out of print and heavy liquid was no longer available (I’m sure i could look online but that’s just no fun). So I’ve been pouring over the one copy of THB, Batman year 100, and his art book.

    I’m not out to cop his style, but he seems to be one of the few mainstream artists who uses textures and brushes in a loose fashion that i find appealing. Hopefully I can make it work and sort make it a little less obvious.

  5. Yeah, I never would have though you would sit down and ape him but his stuff is so dynamic that it just inspires one to draw in that dynamic way. I’ve made a conscious effort not to look at his stuff while I’m working on the Zoob stuff because Zoob is sci-fi action and I know I’ll steal from him if I do.
    You gotta get Escapo. Awesome circus action. Try ebay. That and the giant THB books. I picked up some of those at HeroesCon. There has been rumor of a THB collection for years now… who knows. Plus, there have been rumors that his Japanese stuff would finally come out here for years as well. One Trick Rip Off is cool but it does not really show anything you would not get out of 100% or Heavy Liquid. I’d say Escapo and THB are my faves. His “Horse Press” stuff is basically self published so when it’s gone I guess it’s gone. Why’s it gotta be so hard?

  6. Yeah I read about a THB collection in a recent interview with him in like the new york times online or something. The interview had stated that both battling boy and a THB collection would come out this year. But who knows?

    With my luck it would come out the same week as i finally break down a buy them online.

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