FLUKE 2009!

Who’s ready for FLUKE 2009 in scenic Athens Ga? Not me! But I will be on Saturday April 4th 2009

at 11:00 AM! I’ll be there sporting a brand new comic put out by the fine folks at Wide Awake Press!

Take a gander at the not quite final cover (missing some price stuffs and logo craps)


WOW! In case you were wondering it’s a full color collection of all of my web comics that you’ve been reading here for the past couple of months.

I’m super excited about it. BUt don’t think that’s the only reason to git yer fine looking ass down to FLUKE!

J Chris and I edited the free anthology you receive at the door! It’s 80 pages of self published comics galore! It’s got a new 6 pager by me, as

well as comics from a whole load of great cartoonists from all over the World! You can find the entire contributor list here. And you can watch

the magic of comic production happen right before your eyes below:

Big shout out to Adam at the dollar bin for putting that video together with the quickness!

I’ll also have some copies of another new comic called “Bread and Cake” which is a cutie pie relationship comic drawn by myself and the

lovely Cate Bosserman. It’s all about how in love we are and junk….or is it?

I guess you’ll have to get yer ass down to FLUKE!

Thanks for reading and the web comics will return with a vengeance next week!


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