The Ancient Age FCBD Preview!

Free Comic Book Day is on may 2nd this year, and as always the fine folks over at Wide Awake Press are putting together a big ol’ Free downloadable book.

This year’s book is called “the ancient age” and is looking even more impressive than .  J Chris even made this swank video preview for the fancy thing!

I’ve got a 12 (ulp!) page story all drawn up for the book and I thought I’d share some random unfinished panels with ya.


Drawing in this style is pretty new to me, so I’ve been having to do a TON of under work for the drawings. I’ve been starting off in blue then going back for a second pass in red Which barely cleans it up (as you can see) So most of the tightening up is taking place in the inking stage.


I’m trying to keep the inking as loose as possible To really emphasize the movement since the story is basically one large fight scene. Which was actually a pretty big challenge for me. I’m still not sure how I’ve gotten by all these years without drawing a muscly kinda guy throwing a punch.


Will this experiment turn out well? Will i start inking all my comics with toothbrushes? Will I spend the rest of my days traveling the earth setting fire to every set of eyes that reads the thing?

Find out on May 2nd at!

(also pick up a copy of by newest book; Tobey Maguire Comics and stories while your there!)

Thanks for reading!


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4 thoughts on “The Ancient Age FCBD Preview!
  1. Swords and punching and monsters and Brad McGinty and crap! Double Awesome times 42 +7! I’m sure I’ll buy somewhere around 36 myself. No! I’m gonna buy a “the ancient age” for everyone I know. That’s at least 62. Wait… Let me check my myspace page… 134! God, I hope WWP prints this up.

    PS, purchase guarantee of “the ancient age” for digital copy only.

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