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Michael Jackson Comic

 I know just about everyone and their mother has done some kind of tribute to Michael Jackson at this point. But Wide Awake Press decided

to put together a little book of sketches and comics from some cool cartoonists Like Josh Latta, Sarah Louise Wahrhaftig, Jim Mahfood, Rob Ullman and J Chris Campbell. It’s called Off The Wall and I know it will be at San Diego comic con next week, and I assume it will be up for sale at wide awake press some time after that. Here is my mind-blowing/life changing comic in it’s entirety:







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6 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Comic
  1. Since MJ appears to be your biggest fan, you should really share your pills and porn with him…

  2. It’s kind of sad that when Brad was a little boy his parents could not afford his glasses and made him wear cowboy boots. Sad but hilarious.
    p.s. I taped myself singing the songs too. But don’t tell anyone because the tapes have been destroyed and it never happened. (Or at least I pray they’ve been destroyed.)

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