Modern Cartoons I Love Part 2: The Mighty B!

Oh man, I love this show! This in my eyes is a perfect cartoon. It has really funny specific characters, great voice talent (Amy Poehler!), and every background looks like it should be in a gallery behind glass. Everyone involved is amazing ( Seonna Hong, Bill Wray, and again Amy Poehler). Plus it’s got the added bonus of being one of two shows ever to have a girl character engage in hilarious slapstick. Other than Olvie Oyl I can’t think of any other “slapsticky” girls in the world of cartoons. I wish that Nickelodeon would play this half as much as they play Sponge Bob.

Here are the pencils:



Again, This was the first time drawing the characters, and sadly I had no model sheets to go by. I Drew this the same day I drew the flapjack one so I still had no pens, so I opted for the brush. I drew all the background stuff in photoshop and recycled those same textures that I used for the flapjack drawing. I would have loved to really spent some serious time on the backgrounds, but I only had 2 days to do 4 illustrations (I’m full of excuses).

Thanks for reading and be back next week for sponge bob!


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5 thoughts on “Modern Cartoons I Love Part 2: The Mighty B!
  1. That looks awesome. Dude, you should go into some sort of business where people draw and color things. Have we talked about Phineas and Pherb yet. Their sister does some really funny stuff. You gotta see the winter musical episode.

  2. I’m with you on this cartoon.

    I’m sure the almighty John K. hates it, but eh, for my money(and that’s none) it’s the best thing on right now.

  3. Crap balls, Brad! How in the hell do you pull off getting from point a to b in that? I’ll never understand the magical art process. Damn you talented sons ‘a bitches! -except don’t damn you and you aren’t from bitches and I love you.

    Summed up – I love the before and after. That is awesome.

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