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Modern Cartoons I Love Part 3: Sponge Bob!

I don’t know why I’ve fallen so behind on posting these things! They have been done for weeks! Sponge bob is great and everyone knows why it’s this point. So i won’t bore you to death with the obvious… okay, maybe i will! It all comes down to the visual gags. No other modern cartoon has half as many great sight gags as single episode of sponge bob.  I’d love for someone to do a total series sight gag count. Anyway, Here is my pretty off model homage to the guy!


I forgot to scan the pencils this time, and I really should have lowered the horizon a bit, but whatever. I’m pretty proud of the background, I don’t have acess to painter, but i think i pulled off a decent job using just photoshop. Maybe I’ll post Batman next.

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