New Adventure Time and Regular Show stories out now!

I’m a little Late on this post, but I thought It would be worth Mentioning still. I was lucky enough to have a story in Both Adventure time 22 and Regular Show number 6 in November. The Adventure time story was the 2nd part of the story Grocery Time, by Zack Smith and myself.

Here’s a page from the mind-blowing epic:

The Regular show story was written by Prana Naujokatis. Both story’s had crazy tight deadlines, but were still fun to draw. Kaboom requested some color changes to my regular story so that It could run as a lead story in issue 6 as opposed to a backup. I had 3 days to recolor the story so I decided to break out the watercolors and give it a go. Here is what the final pages looked like before the watercolors:

And here is what the final pages look like with the watercolors added and a few requested art  changes:

I think it looks better. Not entirely sure if I’d color a story like this again, but considering how tight of a turnaround these gigs have I think it got the job done and looks a little more like the house style of the show.

Here are the is the same page with my first pass at thumbnails:

I had to spend some extra time thumbnailing this particular story out because it was extremely dense. Every page had at least 8 panels and lots of back and forth dialogue between the character. This style is very true to the show, and it was a fun challenge to try to get everything in and not have the pages feel too claustrophobic. At first I didn’t think this would be possible, but I quickly decided to add a “European” 4th tier to the pages. I usually thumbnail as I read the script for the very first time. It may sound like a terrible idea, but I like to go with my gut instinct on how each panel should look. It’s rarely perfect, but I usually get some good stuff out of it.  Here is the second round of pencils.

I went pretty tight with Muscle Man because this was the first time I had ever drawn him and I needed to figure out his construction before I left him as loose as Rigby and Mordecai.

Anyway, Just thought I’d drop a quick post about all that!

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