Stars Warsiors!

Bootleg toys are the best toys. Everyone knows that.

I found a few of these action figures in the back of a local dollar store, and was pretty impressed by the beautiful train wreck that is… Stars Warsiors!

I have no idea when these toys were made, but I was pretty inspired to flesh out the line, and thought a shirt might be the best way to do it.

Look at that! All your friends are right there on the shirt! Teenbacco, ET D2, Hom Selleck, and so many more! Just think of the confusion this shirt will cause at your local comic book show. That alone must be worth… $5, $10, maybe even $22.00, plus shipping?

Just look at it:

What’s that, three colors on there?

Hmm… If I didn’t know better I would say that must be printed on a heathered “Vintage Black” tri-blend (50% Polly 25% cotton 25%) Next Level 6010 t-shirt with water based inks over a discharge underbase. Good thing too, because those are really nice, soft and stretchy shirts!

It’s like all the shirts you’ve ever wanted on one shirt you REALLY want! And that’s not all. If you are one of the first 10 people to order the I’m going to throw in a FREE Door Ladder action figure! Not lucky enough to have gotten to the shop in time? Well, fret not, I have something even more special lined up for you!

I was curious to find out if there were any more Stars Warsiors toys out there in the world, so I contacted my pal (and toy collector supreme) Brad Rader (aka Battle Babies) to see if  he had ever seen one of these. Wouldn’t you know it, Brad had actually had a rare Space Farmer figure from the original line, and he sent me this great picture to share:

GLORIOUS! But that’s just the starting point. Brad Rader went above and beyond the call of duty, and decided to help me recreate the third (and missing, as far as I know) Wise Puppet figure!

Brad Rader went to great lengths to recreate the texture and look of this long-lost gem.

Once Brad had finished recreating the figurine, he turned it over to the extremely talented Man Or Monster? studios to make the molds and bring this 3.5 inch tall resin masterpiece to life. And what a great job they both did! Just look at it! Who wouldn’t want this staring at them while they work?

Well, if you do, you have to act fast, because there are only 30 of these in existence! That’s right, 30! And once they are gone that’s it, so hurry over to and get one for only $25.00!


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6 thoughts on “Stars Warsiors!
  1. This is amazing! Any chance of a poster? Of possibly an artwork file that I could have printed as a poster?

  2. That text on Wise Puppet’s packaging though… EMPEROR PAUL SALTINE. I went from stupid smile to literal lol when I read that.

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