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The Glorps will Getcha comic!

Hey Glorpophiles! Someone recently sent me a copy of Tim’s Fightin’ Air Force from April 1965 with a reprint of the “Glorps Will Getcha” story inside! This story was originally printed in an almost impossible to find issue of  “Front Line Fists” from 1954, so I feel incredibly lucky to have gotten my filthy mitts on ANY copy of this hard to find gem.

I scanned in the whole thing so you, too, can enjoy all the madness!

Well, there you have it! I’m not sure if it holds up to my expectations. If I had to guess, I’d say that the ending was probably changed to better incorporate the ad above for this reprint (the lettering on the last pages doesn’t quite match), but until someone finds and scans in a copy of the original issue of Front line Fists, I guess we’ll never know.

Sorry for the lousy scans, I’ll probably go back and clean them up when I find some free time.

If you enjoyed this comic, why not jump over to and pick up a reproduction of the T-Shirt in the above ad!


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