Summer is here, people! You need to get your gum locked down, before all the good stuff is gone. You don’t want to miss out on all this top notch gum chewing weather, do ya’? Not to worry, cause ol’ GLORP gotcha’ covered!
GLORP BEYOND! (with FREE Glorpenstein T-Shirt!) Horror comics from the 50’s were the best! Take your love of the 4-color horrors of yesteryear to the streets with the weird, spooky, supernatural taste of GLORP BEYOND!
GLORP Dog Gum Chew! (with FREE GLORP Hound T-Shirt) Remember the good ol’ days when you could order a dog from the back of a comic book? Me neither!
GLORP Triple Trouble Chew! (with FREE Glorpball Monster T-Shirt!) Get into some “triple trouble” of your own with three┬átiny gumballs and a three-headed monster on your shirt!
GLORP Melty Mutant Trucker Hat! It’s summer! It’s time to pack up your sweater vests, throw away your socks and wear some crazy rad shit, man!
GLORP Vintage Monster Mask Sticker Pack! GLORP Halloween masks were all the rage in the 60’s! And now there is a safe way to enjoy the beauty of these masks without exposing yourself to the the highly toxic mercury-based plastics of the era! Go grab a set now for only $7.00!
You like these buttons? Well there are 5 new sets of buttons over at the all new! Go grab ’em before they are gone!

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