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Luna Versus You: Lights Out Lovers

Richard Parsons is a musical genius, and his Luna Versus You project proves it. Not only did he play all of the instruments on the album himself (including the ol’ vocal chords), he also recorded and mastered the entire thing as well. No small feat.
Here is the video that we thought up over lunch in 2009.

Pretty great song right? I think that Richard wrote it after reading an article about light pollution in National Geographic.

You can listen to the entire Luna Versus You album and buy it here
(Check out my personal favorite track “the greater good”)

Aside from the Luna Versus You project, I am forever indebted to Richard for being my own personal Weird Al Yankovic. He writes songs on demand for my cartoons, and does a rather smashing job at it. You can check out some of those jams here
(volume 2 should be out sometime soon!)

If you’re still not impressed, you can check out his solo work here

Be sure to check out his newest track with accompanying video

Oh, and here is a Christmas track he made to fill your heart with Christmas wonder

That’s a lot of links for one dude.

Thanks for reading!


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