Halloween Time!

Happy Halloween everybody! What a great way to start off my new blog! Today I’m posting this drawing:


Her name is Angsty the teenage Witch, and she thinks you look like a total moron. She’s 17 and has a boyfriend named Trey who is the lead singer of the band my life on trial. He’s 32, and buys her peppermint schnapps and mike’s hard lemonades whenever she wants. Trey lives with his parents, but it’s just so he can focus on his “music” (he doesn’t want to be some “fascist corporate zombie slave”). She would date guys at her school, but they’re all too “immature” for her. People tell her she looks at least 22 all the time (A lie). She also likes going to the mall? I dunno…I’m just making all this stuff up. I just drew this yesterday to get some more practice with illustrator (which I’m still pretty new at). I just figured out how to use the patterns fill, which is neat. Maybe tomorrow I’ll post some of my superman designs.


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