The Beee geees in House paintin’

Hey gang! I just finished up my first cartoon yesterday. It was basically a crash course in flash, audition, premiere, and sound booth for me. So it’s pretty far from perfect, but I

think it is still pretty funny. Enjoy!

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One thought on “The Beee geees in House paintin’
  1. Dude. That was great. It didn’t look that rough at all. I couldn’t understand the Bee Gees and it was great. You got Arnold down perfectly. Watch out for the copyright stuff. You never know who is watching these vids on the intertubes. Myspace is for baby molesters and artists, oh and like the best like greatest like super duper tween chicks like you have ever like met. Thats why I’m not on Myspace. They also don’t delete any of your info ever. Keep up the good work, before long you’ll be helping out with craptastic movies and such, or at least afternoon specials on PBS.


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