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Animal Alphabet D is for Dragon (bearded variety) BONUS! D is also for Dog

Here’s m entry for D in the Animal Alphabet project.

Before I did the dragon drawing I did this drawing of a Pug dog! I like this drawing quite a bit, but bearded dragon was a lot tougher to draw so I went with that one.

I’m sure I’ll clean this one up and include it in the upcoming Animal Alphabet Print set I keep talking about.

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One thought on “Animal Alphabet D is for Dragon (bearded variety) BONUS! D is also for Dog
  1. hey Brad,
    I am looking to create a logo for my reptile breeding business and in the process I stumbled across your drawing of a bearded dragon. I love the picture and would really like to use it but i obviously dont want to break any rules or anything when it comes to your ownership of the content. Im not experienced in this and I dont know if there is a fee involved or anything but i would love if you could give me rights to use it. I would not be getting any considerable amount of traffic and the website is just so people can look through the animals that i have available. I would obviously credit you for your work if you decide to give me permission.

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